This guide will show how to build a pool step by step. It has been written for beginners, so even if you have never built one before, this article will provide some useful pointers. We have compiled an extensive list of things that you need to know before installing an inground pool at your home and how to do it right. If you follow these instructions carefully, you should be able to install the pool on your own with little effort or cost!

How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

Building a swimming pool takes some time and it depends on how big or small it is. Most of the time, when building a pool from scratch you will need around two weeks to complete everything. Sometimes if there are unique circumstances surrounding your project and you have to be more cautious it might take longer than that but generally speaking 14 days for an average size in the ground pool should be about right.

Pool building process

Clear the land of all rocks, briars, and debris. If you are digging on a slope make sure to level it out.

Digging out the hole in which the pool will be built can take some time depending on how large your pool is going to be but also how rocky the area is where you are building. Most dirt pools (not concrete) should have about four feet deep at least before any excavation work begins so that’s why it’s recommended for this type of construction project to hire professional contractors or if you won’t do it yourself go ahead but keep safety measures always close by like boots and gloves along with goggles as concrete dust may harm eyesight without proper protective gear.

Pouring of concrete: this step can be postponed for up to two weeks after excavating but there are some factors like weather conditions and how fast your materials get delivered from wherever they come from so you might want to stick around 14 days when planning everything out just as an extra safety measure. You should also know about how much material you need before starting pouring, which is 33 cubic meters or 25 tons of concrete (22 yards). This part takes approximately three days by itself once all materials are assembled on location.

After you pour the concrete into the hole is how it should look like. The next step will be about how to build a deck around your pool, which can give you access from different points of entry and also improve that appearance by a lot in general so let’s go ahead with that article now since we are already here.

About how to build an inground pool: there are several steps involved in this process but as long as they follow one another then it shouldn’t take longer than what was mentioned above because all materials needed for each stage should arrive at roughly the same time or shortly after (one day before) other parts get delivered on location.

As I said, every material has its own timeframe where they need to reach a certain destination.

Different Types of Inground Pools

  • Concrete With Plaster or Aggregate Finishes
  • Alternative Finishes
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

The most common type is the concrete pool, which is how most people think of a pool. It’s also the type that we built in this tutorial.

Maintenance options for inground pools usually include once-a-week brushing or vacuuming to clear out leaves and other debris from your water; replacing cartridge filters on multi-cartridge filtration systems every few months; changing sand bedding at least twice per year (optional); adding chlorine tablets daily to keep the chlorine level high enough for disinfection purposes; running an automatic chemical feeder with saltwater system equipment.

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