Pool filters are an essential part of any pool as they help to keep the water clean. The best way to maintain your pool is by cleaning it on a regular basis – how often depends on how heavily you use it, but most people recommend every two weeks or so. This article will teach you how to clean your filter and how each type of filter works.

What is the best way to clean pool filters?

We’ve all been there. You have just finished your long day at work and are looking forward to a nice swim in the pool with dinner, but when you get down to it there is no water! Instead of jumping into that refreshing cool blue oasis, an empty pond greets you as soon as you walk out the back door. If this has happened to you before then worry not because today I will be demonstrating how easy it can put things right again by showing the best pool filter without draining your entire swimming pool or spa system for that matter!

How often should a pool filter be cleaned?

So how often should you be cleaning pool filters? In my opinion, this will depend on what type of filter your swimming pool or spa system has and how much time it spends in use. If you have sand, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or cartridge-based filtering systems I would recommend that they are cleaned once every month to six weeks depending on how busy the pool is during those periods of time. This means if someone comes for a swim several times a week then maybe twice weekly cleanings might be required but it all depends on how dirty and clogged up your particular set-up gets when used by guests as well as members of the family!

How do I clean a DE Pool Filter?

Cleaning the Diatomaceous earth/Pool filter is an easy process. FIst you just need to turn off the pump to allow for filter cleaning. Once you have done that, you need to remove how much of the dirt goes into how many gallons per minute from your DE pool filters in order not to turn it back on until it is clean and dry again so next time when someone jumps in the pool there isn’t a disco fountain effect or something!

If your DE pool filters are very dirty then maybe consider using some warm water along with dish soap but not too hot as this can damage plastic parts around the filter system. After using gentle washing action with the detergent you should rinse under tap collecting all waste that has been removed from the cartridge before refitting the unit and turning the power on again.

How do I clean the sand pool filter?

Using the same solution as DE filters, you could use warm water with some dish soap to get rid of small amounts of dirt and grime. But how do I clean the sand pool filter that is much more difficult to remove? If after several minutes under the tap with detergent there is any remaining stubborn debris then it’s time to break out a pressure washer! Using strong jet washing action can clear away all debris from your sand filter quickly and easily without doing damage.

Please note: never use bleach on your pool filter cartridge or allow chlorine into contact with plastic parts around the system as this may cause long-term damage over time leading to even rusting which will render the unit useless!

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