Chlorine in pools is great for sanitation and safety, but too much chlorine can be a problem. When your pool has too much chlorine you may notice that the water is very green or cloudy. You may also notice an unpleasant odor and skin irritation. If this sounds like your pool, read these tips on how to lower the level of chlorine in pools.

Use Chemical Agents to Reduce Chlorine Levels

If you are wondering how to lower chlorine in your swimming pool it is important to know that you can lower chlorine levels in your pool by using chemical agents.

Chlorine, also known as the bleaching agent of the swimming pools, should be monitored and controlled at all times due to its strong nature. This element reacts with organic debris such as hair, oil, or any other substance found on swimmers’ skin.

When the level of chloramine is high, you need to lower chlorine levels. One way that will help lower these elements and get rid of their smell is by using a chemical agent such as baking soda or calcium carbonate which can be found at any local pool store.

Another Way to Reduce Chlorine Levels in Your Swimming Pool is by using a chlorine neutralizer. This product is mainly used as a preventative measure to lower the overall level of chloramines in your pool waters and get rid of their smell before they damage the surface or cause any other serious problem for that matter. Some people opt for lower chlorine levels in pools because it also makes swimming more enjoyable.

Why is the High Level Of Chlorine in Your Pool dangerous?

So the answer is definitely yes! A high level of chlorine in the pool is dangerous because it can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It can also cause damage to the hair upon contact. Swallowing the water may lead to stomach aches or nausea. Some swimmers are extremely sensitive to high levels of chlorine; they might experience more intense symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest tightness, fainting, or even death if they swim for a long period of time in pools that have higher than recommended amounts.

A high level of chlorine in the pool is dangerous because lower levels are recommended by most health organizations and doctors for better safety and hygiene benefits.

Why use a Chlorine Neutralizer?

Chlorine neutralizers make lower levels of chlorine available into your water so you end up with lower levels than what would be possible just using standard amounts used by other products on the market today that have been designed only as “chlorine” enhancers or boosters – which does not reduce chloramines at all!

Chlorine neutralizers lower chlorine levels in pools, so you can enjoy safe and healthy swimming for a long time.

If your pool has a high level of chlorine (over-chlorinated),  you need to shock it with granular Pool Shock or Liquid Chlorine. It should be applied carefully following the instructions on the product label.

You must wait at least 12 hours after shocking before adding any other chemicals into your water as well – such as algaecide, clarifier/flocculant, stain & scale control, etc. since they could react adversely when mixed together with potassium monopersulfate (Pool Shocker) like liquid chlorine!

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