In this article, we will discuss how to drain your swimming pool with Cartridge Filter, Sand Filter or DE Filter. How do you do it? What are the benefits of draining your pool? When is the best time to drain your pool?

Why do you need to drain your pool?

     There are multiple reasons to drain your pool such as:

  • cleaning the pool (spring)
  • closing of pools for winterization or draining due to rain and snow.
  • early spring opening after a long cold season where there is an abundance of leaves, debris, and bugs that have accumulated.

What is the fastest way to drain a pool with a hose?

    One of the fastest ways to drain your pool is by using a garden hose.   There’s no need for mechanical equipment like pumps or draining systems, you can do it on your own with this simple technique!

First – open all the skimmer valves and secure them in an open position.

Second – attach the garden hose to your inside outflow pipe, usually located on a wall or bottom of the pool. You should see an “L” shape connector with threads where you can screw in the end of your garden hose.

Third – start draining slowly by opening up all hoses and faucets.

Fourth – just let gravity do its job, you don’t have to stand by with a hose for hours waiting for it to be completely empty.

How to Drain A Pool with a Cartridge Filter

When there are cartridge filters, two methods can be used to drain a pool.

One of these ways is to use the drain plug.

The second method is by using a hose connected to the pump basket that will then be used as an outlet for water draining through it, allowing all of the filtered water from inside your pool to flow outside and into either the city sewer system or onto your lawn if you have one.

How to Drain a Pool with a Sand Filter

To drain a pool with a sand filter, you need to close the skimmer and pump basket.

In this way, the water that is inside your swimming pool will be forced into the return lines through suction from your pressure side.

Once all of the dirty water has been pushed back in through these lines, turn off the pump and open up your skimmer basket.

This will allow all of the water to flow out from there, which is where it can be drained through a hose connected with an adapter or other device that has been attached in its place.

How to Drain a Pool with a DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filters

To drain a pool with diatomaceous earth filters, you need to first close the skimmer and pump baskets.

This will cause all of the water that is in your swimming pool to be forced into return lines through suction from your pressure side.

Once all of this dirty water has been pushed back into your filter system,  you can then open the drain at the bottom of each cell to allow water to flow out into a nearby drainage point.

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